Buttock Contouring with Silicone Implant

Buttock augmentation with silicone buttock implants is preferred for people, who request more fleshy and curvaceous hips.

Types of the cosmetic surgeries for the buttock generally depend on the native shape and structure of the buttock. If the major problem is related with tissue abnormalities, injection methods, such as fat grafting, can be preferred. However, if there are different issues, hip augmentation with silicone implantation is considered that is best method for the combined buttock augmentation and lifting.

Placement of silicone buttock implants is a very effective method.

Following hip augmentation surgery, patients need to lie in prone (face down) position. After the implant is placed, your buttocks appear fleshy, curvaceous and tighter unless the implant is rejected by the body. You need to follow advices and instructions of your physician to ensure efficient and rapid recovery. Patients do not recognize the implant or feel the implant as if a native part of the body several months later.

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