Buttock Augmentation by Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is now an essential weapon in the field of cosmetic surgery, as stem cells increase the regeneration capacity and it is a natural filler that is obtained from own tissues of the person.

Today, it is possible to speculate that fat grafting is used in almost all fields, resulting in successful outcomes for facial aesthetic, thigh aesthetic, arm aesthetic, chin aesthetics and breast augmentation.

For this procedure, patient’s buttock structure should be appropriate for the buttock augmentation. People with profoundly sagging buttocks or who expect a substantial buttock augmentation despite limited store of adipose tissue are not good candidates for buttock augmentation with fat grafting. For such people, buttock lift with tissue slings and silicone buttock implants will meet expectations.

Fat grafting is a method that is appropriate for people with realistic expectations and with fat tissue, which is sufficient in volume for liposuction.

First, the fat graft is obtained from liposuction sites using special cannula and systems without causing a trauma and specifically processes to make the fat graft ready for injection. Next, the fat graft is injected to multi layers of the buttock using special cannula in line with the plan that is preoperatively made according to the body size. Multi-layer fat grafting for buttock augmentation is one of most important factors that ensure both augmentation and viability of the fat graft.

The injections create long-term outcomes by 60 to 70 percent. The fat graft starts acting like own adipose tissue of the body and the buttock and no lipolysis is observed.

The filler-based cosmetic procedures are repeated at certain intervals. Buttock augmentation by fat grafting is a repeatable procedure.

Since very thin tubes, measuring 1-2 mm in thickness, are used for fat grafting and insertion holes of the tubes are concealed on natural skin folds, almost no scar is visualized.

The procedure is carried out under local or general anesthesia. If no other cosmetic surgery is performed, the patient is usually discharged in the same day. It is important to avoid applying pressure on the buttock for approximately 7 to 10 days after the procedure; patients can engage in routine working and daily life activities thereafter.

For the buttock augmentation by fat grafting, 200 to 300 cc of fat is injected to the each side. The fat tissue required for the procedure is 500 to 700 cc in total. Since 50-70% of the adipose tissue remains in body, the procedure can be repeated, whenever necessary.

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